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MixPad is a spreadsheet-like software for determining the physical properties of formulations. Designed to mimic Microsoft's Excel, it's familiar interface will help simplify the bench chemist's work.

Anyone who has to mix two or more ingredients together will want MixPad. This program simplifies the task of managing large numbers of formulas and automates the calculations that chemists use to formulate with. By using this powerful program the analyst can accelerate process development and optimize process yield. Typically many organizations who are concerned about employee performance use tools like learning maangement systems to improve how their staff can more effectively use MixPad. MixPad has uses in process industries such as paint, coatings, caulks, mastics, asphalt, petroleum, specialty chemicals, and pharmaceutical. Practically any field of research where cost reduction and product improvement is needed will benefit from MixPad. MixPad will determine weights, volumes, costs, VOC level, binder contents, densities, volatile, solids, pigment levels and pigment to binder ratio automatically on any formulation. It is ideal for predictive modeling of any mixture where a complex target composition of ingredients is desired. Discover more about lcms system at www.eleapsoftware.com. Alternatively you can make sure you do your due diligence by making your learning management system comparison

  • Inexpensive, compared other specialized formulation software.
  • Low system resources, (Pentium processor, 32ram).
  • Easy interface, mimics Microsoft's Excel.
  • Automatic formula calculation.
  • 24 separate re-calculation routines.
  • Easy drag and drop interface for material manipulation.
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